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Geeky Crafts by Crafty Geeks: Science

Posted on: May 7, 2009

Part two of my trip down geekery lane…

etsy-pi-earringsPi Earrings by Nerd Goddess

etsy-microscope-tOld School Microscope T-Shirt by Happy Family

etsy-serotonin-necklaceReclaimed sterling silver Serotonin Molecule Necklace by Molecular Muse aka Raven Hanna

etsy-elements-cross-stitchSpelling With The Elements Cross Stitch Pattern by Anticute AntiG-rated

etsy-dna-necklaceHeart Coded Double Helix DNA Necklace by Resplendent Redhead

etsy-anthrax-plushieAnthrax Microbe Plushie by Scientific Culture

etsy-neon-pendantNeon Glass Tile Periodic Table Pendant by Gibberish

etsy-oxidation-teeOxidation T-Shirt by Ikyoto

etsy-nerdy-baby-flashcardsNerdy Baby ABC Flashcards by Tiffany Ard

etsy-dna-rna-necklaceDNA & RNA Base Pairs Friendship Necklace Set by Molecular Muse aka Raven Hanna

2 Responses to "Geeky Crafts by Crafty Geeks: Science"

Thanks to the amazing powers of Google Alerts I found your post! Thanks so much for posting about my earrings, I’m always happy to hear someone likes my things.

All the other geeky stuff is so fun, too!

Hey, you’re welcome! I had to include them, they’re very cool. I also love your restroom sign ones too, so cute 🙂

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