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Geeky Crafts By Crafty Geeks: Gaming

Posted on: May 8, 2009

etsy soap invadersLittle Green Soap Invaders by CrazyK Bath & Body

etsy wiimote earringsNintendo WiiMote Earrings by Exousia

etsy tetris pendantsTetris Fused Glass Pendants by Urban Fusions

etsy atari walletAtari Duct Tape Wallet by jDuct

etsy game overGame Over Button Pin Badge by The Angry Robot

etsy mushroom amiguramiMario Mushroom Amigurumi Pattern PDF by Bookie Wookie 13

etsy onesieNintendo Onesie by Geekling Designs

etsy invaders magnetsSpace Invaders Magnet Set By Spooons

etsy xbox soapXBox Controller Soap by Digital Soaps

etsy pacman pillowsMs Pacman 3 Pillow Cover Set by Modernality

etsy invader pinShifting Purple Invader Pin by Stitch And Play

1 Response to "Geeky Crafts By Crafty Geeks: Gaming"

I’m also a big fan of Crazy K soaps, and now Digitals Soaps – mad! Love it!

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