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Geeky Crafts by Crafty Geeks: Computers

Posted on: June 6, 2009

etsy binary loveGeek Love Fine Silver Binary Code Pendant by Melissa J Lee

etsy esc pillowESC Geek Chic Pillow by Diffraction Fiber

etsy computer memory pendantComputer Memory And Swarovski Crystal Pendant by Wire Your World

etsy floppy disc pouchFloppy Disc Pouch by Brave Moonman

etsy laptop ringLaptop Computer Adjustable Ring by Gr0glmann

etsy circuit clipboardRepurposed Circuit Board Clipboard by Debby Arem Designs

etsy enter pendantEnter Key Necklace by CapitolaGirl

etsy hard drive clockRepurposed Hard Drive Clock by Pixel This

etsy capacitor necklaceCapacitor Necklace by Digibling

etsy floppy disc notebookFloppy Disc Notepad by The Geekery Shop

etsy ankh pendantEgyptian Ankh Circuit Board Pendant by The Blue Kraken

1 Response to "Geeky Crafts by Crafty Geeks: Computers"

All very cool! I love jewellery and seeing it here infused with comp parts is off the hook! My fave pieces here would be the binary code pendant and the capacitor necklace. Thanks for posting!

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