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Repurposing Roundup: Cardboard Furniture

Posted on: June 6, 2009

Just some of the many creative ways cardboard is being used to make eco-friendly furniture.

bloxes_cardboard_furnitureBloxes (via Metaefficient)

diseno cartoneroDiseno Cartonero Range by Santiago Morahan (via Inhabitat)

cartonnistesThe Cartonnistes: Check out the Instructables tutorial (Via Apartment Therapy)

giles millerFluted Cardboard Furniture by Giles Miller (via Inhabitat)

leo kempfSpeech Bubble Table by Leo Kempf (via Green Diary)

miss-julia_cardboardCardboard Furniture by Miss Julia (via MocoLoco)

frank gehry wiggle chairWiggle Chair by Frank Gehry (via Furniture Store Blog)

portable flatpack tablePortable Flatpack Table by Sruli Recht (via Boing Boing)

marmalade cat furnitureCardboard Cat Furniture by Marmalade Pets (via Apartment Therapy)

molo designsSoftseating by Molo Designs (via Pure Contemporary)

paperpod event seatingPaperpod Flatpack Event Seating

eco cradle by green lullabyEco Cradle by Green Lullaby (via Curbly)

graypants scrap lightsScrap Lights by Graypants

4 Responses to "Repurposing Roundup: Cardboard Furniture"

I’ve got a thing for cardboard furniture too…

if it wasnt such a fire hazard< i could see this working

What?! Books? Clothes? Other miscellaneous stuff in your house? Are they fire hazards too?

I love this kind of design, its very clever …
nice posts!

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