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Industrial designer Ignacio Pilotto has designed this concept Rubik Cube using Pantone colours.  Very cool, I’m surprised nobody has done this before…

via Monster Munch

Happy, Happy, Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you all had lots of fun ringing in the new year… I couldn’t have had a nicer one – good music, good company, it snowed, and I even got a kiss at midnight 😉

It’s been a hell of a decade hasn’t it?  I hope it’s been mostly good for you, and I hope you’re all as excited to be heading into a new one as I am.  A big thank you to you all for reading my blog, and for your feedback and comments 🙂

So, to start Twenty Ten on a positive note, here’s a little help with your New Years’ resolutions in the form of the 2010 resolution generator over at Monina Velarde’s site ….

Here’s what it told me… ahem 😛

And to get you in the mood, here’s a little tune for the New Year – enjoy 🙂

Bobby McFerrin demonstrates the power of the pentatonic scale at the World Science Festival – amazing stuff.

The event, ‘Notes & Neurons: In Search Of A Common Chorus’ can be seen here on the World Science Festival website – it’s well worth watching in it’s entirety.

Khoda is a mind blowing animated short film made from 6,000 paintings over two years, by the incredibly talented Reza Dolatabadi.  There are no words…. watch and enjoy.

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Show people what you’re made of with the Human Ingredients T-Shirt


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Artist Stuart Semple has released 2,000 smiley face Flogos into the London sky… why?  To cheer people up!

happy face clouds

via Craftster blog 

This looks incredibly cool – why didn’t I think of this?!


via Recyclart

Words cannot describe how much I love this progress bar clock by Jongchul Kim of Mintpass.

mintpass clock

via Core77

A stop motion lego tribute to 8-bit video games 🙂  Took 1500 hours to make, seemingly, and I reckon it was worth every second!  I ❤ stop motion…

Via Boing Boing

I posted about Naming The Beams earlier today, and Carolyn, who works at Dana Farber, commented with this link to a video about it on the website.  Many thanks for getting in touch Carolyn – it’s such a lovely thing to see 🙂


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