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Industrial designer Ignacio Pilotto has designed this concept Rubik Cube using Pantone colours.  Very cool, I’m surprised nobody has done this before…

via Monster Munch

I never knew I needed one of these little gizmo’s until I discovered it…. the potential uses for this are endless.  For instance – just in case you feel you haven’t nagged your children quite enough about doing their homework or cleaning their room, you can now drive the message home via the medium of toast.  If your house is being bugged (for reasons which are your own business), sensitive information can still be exchanged silently over breakfast, and the evidence eaten.  Have the last word in an argument… I could go on.

Designed by Sasha Tseng.  See more on her website and Coroflot profile.

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This award winning traffic direction design for the Eureka Tower Carpark in Melbourne is by graphic designer Axel Peemoeller.  Simple and brilliant…. I’d love to try something like this in my house :P.  Check out more of Axel’s intriguing projects here – even his website is lots of fun to navigate!

Deformscape is a creative and slightly dizziness-inducing optical illusion in the backyard of a private residence in San Francisco.

via Boing Boing

Yellena James has designed a range of gorgeous light shades for Schoolhouse Electric… as a huge fan of her work, this makes me happy.

See the range here

(See my previous post about Yellena here)

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Available at Inhabit Living.  Motivational power questions on one side, an inspirational ass-kicking on the other… because who doesn’t want to feel like their soft furnishings are judging them?

Actually I love these 🙂

inhabit1 ‘Be What You Are’

inhabit3  ‘Since When…’

inhabit2  ‘Why Not Today?’

 Made from 100% sustainable recycled polyester. Handprinted and handmade in the USA with environmentally-friendly inks with no chemical waste or disposal generated. All paper waste from this process is repurposed as shredded packing material. Product is recyclable at the end of its life-cycle.

via Better Living Through Design

MotoArt is the brainchild of Donovan Fell III, who, inspired by his childhood fascination with aircraft, creates these amazing conversation pieces which are more like sculpture than furniture.  It all began with a pile of rusty, dented B-17 propellers he happened to intercept on the way to the scrapyard :). 










via Core77

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