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I’ve been seeing a lot of really cool photosculpture which seems to have surfaced all at once recently, and it always puts me in mind of the amazing art of David Meanix on my favourite show in the world, HBO’s Six Feet Under (which sadly ended in 2005).  Davids’ photosculpture, which he has been developing since the early 90’s, was featured in season four of the show (2004), as the work of the character Claire Fisher.  I remember being blown away when I saw that particular episode and wishing I could come up with something so inspired and original :).

David shares his thoughts about the process of working on his pieces with the individual actors from the show here (scroll down), as well as lots of insights about his work and life in general.

‘David’  – Six feet Under

‘Nate’ – Six Feet Under

‘Ruth’ – Six Feet Under

‘Anita’ – Six Feet Under

The process….

Some of Davids’ other photosculpture work…

Breeding Ground NPR Calendar 2007


Return Of The Goddess


Changing Skins


In The Spotlight

New Camera

Khoda is a mind blowing animated short film made from 6,000 paintings over two years, by the incredibly talented Reza Dolatabadi.  There are no words…. watch and enjoy.

via Yay! Everyday

First of all, sincerest apologies to my faithful readers for the lack of posting here lately.  I hope you’ll both forgive me :P.

Between my new job and all the learning of new stuff that it entails, and the absolute nightmare I’ve had trying to get a broadband connection at my new house, it’s been difficult to get online long enough to put a decent post together.  So without further ado, here’s my latest installment of design inspiration…

I’ve decided to go for black walls in my living room, despite my concerned friends and family members’ pleas with me to reconsider (my counter-arguments: a) it will not make the room smaller.  I was no physics whizz at school, but I have yet to come across paint that can physically alter the dimensions of a room.  b) It’s my darn living room :P)

I had one black wall in my last house and I loved it, so I’ve decided to go for full on drama this time.  It’s a small room, and the effect I’m going for is very cosy and den-like – I have so far got cream sofas and a pale grey floor, and will eventually have lots of art on the walls.  I’d love to hear from anyone who has done this in their own home by the way.

Some inspiration….

(These are not all living rooms but humour me, it’s the visual impact I’m after)

The above three images are from Desire To Inspire

via Decorpad

via La Trunk

via Living Etc.

Not interior decor as such – Shawn Barbers‘ ‘Tattooed Portraits’ exhibition had his paintings displayed on black walls, which in my opinion was stunning.  (Image from here)

via Apartment Therapy

via Desire To Inspire

Above three images also via Desire To Inspire

Ok, this is Bughouse’s LP sleeve coffee table.  It’s cool and all, but the LP covers are reproductions, not the real thing, which would have been a lot cooler.  However – I reckon this is totally DIY-able for anyone with a bit of patience, classic album covers and some epoxy resin… anyone tried it?

table by bughouse


I love this room on so many levels, everything about it – but especially the platform bed base.  Drool…

trevor tondro

Image by Trevor Tondro

via Desire To Inspire

Live Now is a project consisting of a growing collection of artwork, quotes, thoughts, experiences and ideas, powerfully pursuing the notion of ‘living now’. Engaging participants to grow, live meaningful lives & be happy!”








Via Shelteriffic

The P242 vases by Oscar Diaz is a set of hand blown glass vases designed with the aid of a computer – this enables the red, green and blue hues to perfectly create purple P242 when the vases are placed inside one another.  They will be exhibited at 100% Design in London in September as part of the Eyes On Spanish Design exhibition. 

rgb oscar diaz




rgb oscardiaz


via Dezeen

Aw… this is so amazing 😀






Every day, children who come to the clinic write their names on sheets of paper and tape them to the windows of the walkway for ironworkers to see. And, every day, the ironworkers paint the names onto I-beams and hoist them into place as they add floors to the new 14-story Yawkey Center for Cancer Care

Over the last month, the ironworkers have painted more than 100 names on the building and emblazoned part of their crane with a likeness of SpongeBob SquarePants. They have also painted a few special messages on the steel, like “Hi Hanna Get Well ASAP :)”
Story from

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Pawel Grunert‘s SIE43 chair is made from PET bottles on a stainless steel frame.  The bottles can be replaced if and when they begin to show signs of wear or damage.  The chair was designed for ‘Eco Trans Pop’ exhibition of ecological design at the Colombari Gallery in Milan, Italy.




Via Contemporist

Paladin is the fifth in the Texas Longhorn bull series of sculptures by Bettye
Hamblen Turner. He is welded stainless steel, carbon steel and recycled auto and motorcycle parts.  See more at Sculpture Ranch.



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