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This is a sequel to my previous post, Repurposed & Upcycled Homewares On Etsy, which has had lots of positive feedback so without further ado here’s more of the same.¬† I love putting posts like this together, the only drawback is trying to narrow down my choices from all the creative awesomeness ūüôā

Vintage Map Art Print by Little Bluebird Studios

White Gold Paper Bowl by etco

Recycled Sail Pillow Black no.5 by reiter8

Set Of 2 Gypsy Forest Fabric Bins by SewingMomma

3 Dryer Pillow Sheets Sachets by zJayne

Braided Red Heart Rug by Green At Heart

Coastal Seahorse Print With Salvaged Frame by Recycled Relics

Handmade Barnwood Clock by Inspired By Nature

Button Monogrammed Pillow by Letter Perfect Designs

4 Recycled 45’s Coasters – The Beatles by Rock And Roll Coasters

‘It Wasn’t Me’ Recycled Applique Felt Pillow by Alexandra Ferguson

Recycled Reusable Beverage Sleeve by Viola Studios

Plastic bag Holder by Rosey Corner Creations

‘Let’s Make Out’ Recycled Felt Pillow by Alexandra Ferguson

Recycled Magazine Palm Tree Shadow Box by Colorstory Designs

Reclaimed Wood Chopping Board by BP Custom Woodworks

3D Letter S From Repurposed Book by Little White Dog

Vintage Zipper Magnets by Amalia Versaci

Recycled Vinyl LP Valet Tray by Brinda Kay Design

‘In The Pantry’ Set of 16 Magnets by Button Empire

Beck(y) Sk8bags are from their range of accessories handmade from recycled skateboards.¬† Each is one of a kind, carrying the original scuffs, scratches and stickers of the boards’ original owner.

via The Alternative Consumer

Ok, this is Bughouse’s LP sleeve coffee table.¬† It’s cool and all, but the LP covers are reproductions, not the real thing, which would have been a lot cooler.¬† However – I reckon this is totally DIY-able for anyone with a bit of patience,¬†classic album covers and some epoxy resin… anyone tried it?

table by bughouse


MotoArt is the brainchild of Donovan Fell III, who, inspired by his childhood fascination with aircraft, creates these amazing conversation pieces which are more like sculpture than furniture.  It all began with a pile of rusty, dented B-17 propellers he happened to intercept on the way to the scrapyard :). 










via Core77

Benjamin Jones and Anna Hecker have created Discarded – a 30′ long creature made entirely from discarded furniture found on the streets of Brooklyn.¬† The Black Rock Arts website had this to say about the project and about people’s general feeling about using found objects – and I couldn’t have said it better myself… I think people need to take this on board and have a serious rethink about second-hand materials:

‘While the sidewalks of New York City on trash night are a rich resource of useful items and cultural artifacts, most New Yorkers hold pre-conceived fears of tapping into this resource: practical fears of dirt and vermin, and emotional fears based on¬† the societal perception of welcoming discarded items into our homes. The resulting¬† obsession with new purchases saps the world of natural resources, and the ease of¬† shopping versus crafting creates a psychic distance from our belongings that enables¬† us to acquire and discard at will. By refocusing our communities on the process of¬† foraging and creation, we can help transform our society into one that values originality and sustainability rather than purposeless consumption.’




via Apartment Therapy

London based furniture designer Naomi Dean, who was awarded the Young Furniture Designer Of  The Year award in 2005, diverts old office furniture from landfill to make her Spin Tables and Tiny Footprint Desks.  Her sleek and functional pieces incorporate design details such as cable tidies that allow a laptop to charge while the desk is closed, and modular coffee tables on castors which can be bought as a pair to make a larger unit.




naomi dean1



Via Inhabitat

Make your own bowl from a ‘for sale’ sign (plenty of ’em about in the current financial climate :P), or any other kind of sheet metal sign for that matter – tutorial at Instructables.¬† I¬†love¬†repurposed metal signage ūüôā¬†

foreclosure bowl

Via Craftzine

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