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This months’ flea will take place on Sunday May 31st at Newmarket, Dublin 8.  Be there or be square 😛

Find out more here or email

lecool may poster

(As always, the specially designed Dublin Flea posters are available to buy for the low low price of a fiver :))

RedCamper‘s range of handbags and laptop bags are made from repurposed vintage car upholstery, original travel and holiday themed 35mm slides, airplane seatbelt clips, maps and postcards.  Each piece is one of a kind and features real images taken on real holidays.  Each bag also includes one naughty pin-up slide, in honour of creator Maura Gramzinski’s Grandfather, who used to sneak them into the family holiday slide show just for fun.

Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA 1967

Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA 1967

Lunar Landing 1969 - made from a genuine 1969 special edition of Life Magazine

Lunar Landing 1969 - made from a genuine 1969 special edition of Life Magazine

The Skylark LTD

The Skylark LTD


This was going to be one post with my current favourite vintage bits, but before I knew what was going on I had three pages of things bookmarked (as you do), so I’m gonna have to break it down into sections, starting with coloured glass because I just can’t resist the stuff 😀

etsy tangerine bottleTangerine Art Glass Bottle from Everything Nana

etsy green glassGreen Glass Snack Plates With Cups also from Everything Nana

etsy ball jarsThree Blue Ball Jars from Vintage Jane

etsy insulatorsSet Of Three Glass Insulators from Lady In A Shoe

etsy deer dishBaby Deer Dish from Josie’s Stress Relief

etsy tumblersCobalt Blue Tumblers from Vintage Wares

etsy druggist bottle‘Chas. G. Miller Prescription Druggist Lanoke. Ark.’ medicine bottle from The Bottle Diggers

etsy doorknobsEmerald Green Glass Doorknobs from ajn9848

etsy cobalt jarCobalt Blue Jar also from ajn9848

etsy teal pitcherTeal Pitcher from ModernToRetro

etsy purple pitcherPurple Pitcher also from ModernToRetro

etsy sunflower platesGreen Sunflower Plates from Ollie’s Olio

etsy candy dishesSet Of Two Candy Dishes from Fuzzy Memories

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