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I love it when El Mac‘s blog posts land in my reader, and I was delighted to see that he’s been working his magic right here in Dublin as part of the Kings Of Concrete festival a few weeks ago.  Check it out here and here.

This is a sequel to my previous post, Repurposed & Upcycled Homewares On Etsy, which has had lots of positive feedback so without further ado here’s more of the same.  I love putting posts like this together, the only drawback is trying to narrow down my choices from all the creative awesomeness 🙂

Vintage Map Art Print by Little Bluebird Studios

White Gold Paper Bowl by etco

Recycled Sail Pillow Black no.5 by reiter8

Set Of 2 Gypsy Forest Fabric Bins by SewingMomma

3 Dryer Pillow Sheets Sachets by zJayne

Braided Red Heart Rug by Green At Heart

Coastal Seahorse Print With Salvaged Frame by Recycled Relics

Handmade Barnwood Clock by Inspired By Nature

Button Monogrammed Pillow by Letter Perfect Designs

4 Recycled 45’s Coasters – The Beatles by Rock And Roll Coasters

‘It Wasn’t Me’ Recycled Applique Felt Pillow by Alexandra Ferguson

Recycled Reusable Beverage Sleeve by Viola Studios

Plastic bag Holder by Rosey Corner Creations

‘Let’s Make Out’ Recycled Felt Pillow by Alexandra Ferguson

Recycled Magazine Palm Tree Shadow Box by Colorstory Designs

Reclaimed Wood Chopping Board by BP Custom Woodworks

3D Letter S From Repurposed Book by Little White Dog

Vintage Zipper Magnets by Amalia Versaci

Recycled Vinyl LP Valet Tray by Brinda Kay Design

‘In The Pantry’ Set of 16 Magnets by Button Empire

Nigel Cox is an Irish born, London based artist whose oil on canvas paintings, in his own words – ‘Focus on the individual, removing them from usually crowded urban scenes and placing them in centre stage.  Surprising how much confidence they have when removed from the crowd.’  I think I understand exactly what he means – the figures in each painting seem to come to life and shine more brightly with the absence of a backdrop, almost as if they were performing…

He describes his work, which he refers to as photorealistic minimalism, and his background (including his travels around the world with the Transglobe Expedition) in more detail here, and his blog is here.

An Urban Solitude

The Kuni Inversion


Autumn Morning

The Black Basque

The Calling

At The Sea Of Cortez

I think everybody has one genre of art that calls to them more than others, and for me it’s photorealism because it makes me nostalgic in a way that actual photographs can’t.  These paintings by Gregory Thielker transported me straight away back to Sunday family drives in the country and Christmas shopping trips into town as a  small child, and in more recent years, comfortable silences on the long drives toward and away from lost weekends.

Low Road

Cash Only

Above And Below

Coming To A Complete Stop






Under The Unminding Sky

Mass Pike Toll

via Alice @ My Modern Met

I’ve been seeing a lot of really cool photosculpture which seems to have surfaced all at once recently, and it always puts me in mind of the amazing art of David Meanix on my favourite show in the world, HBO’s Six Feet Under (which sadly ended in 2005).  Davids’ photosculpture, which he has been developing since the early 90’s, was featured in season four of the show (2004), as the work of the character Claire Fisher.  I remember being blown away when I saw that particular episode and wishing I could come up with something so inspired and original :).

David shares his thoughts about the process of working on his pieces with the individual actors from the show here (scroll down), as well as lots of insights about his work and life in general.

‘David’  – Six feet Under

‘Nate’ – Six Feet Under

‘Ruth’ – Six Feet Under

‘Anita’ – Six Feet Under

The process….

Some of Davids’ other photosculpture work…

Breeding Ground NPR Calendar 2007


Return Of The Goddess


Changing Skins


In The Spotlight

New Camera

These wonderfully lifelike fabric sculptures are made by Lisa Lichtenfels, who having graduated from the Philadelphia College Of Art with majors in illustration and film, worked for Disney making three dimensional figures with posable skeletons for stop motion animations.  She left Disney in order to explore and develop this medium further, and has been making her amazing fabric models – which range in size from under five inches to life-sized –  ever since.

Sam Jinks is a Melbourne based sculptor with a background in film and television effects.  He creates full sized silicon models which look as if they might move or breathe at any moment.  This interview with Sam over at Australian Edge goes into his background, inspiration and creative process.

(Some of the images with the interview and on Sam’s website depict nudity, and so may not be safe for work!)


Many thanks once again to Laura over at Electrik Sheep for sending details of their latest  wonderful exhibition, ‘Paralysis Of Choice’ by Jon Burgerman, which runs until the end of December.

The press release:

What most see as a discarded piece of cardboard littering a side street, Jon Burgerman sees as an opportunity; a blank canvas to fill with his signature doodles and characters all jostling to escape from their colourful habitat in an explosion of energy.

Burgerman’s continuous scrawling style can be seen adorning all manner of mediums from toys to wallpaper but more specifically a vast array of originals and limited edition prints at his latest show “Paralysis of Choice”. An emotion we, the consumer and the artist alike suffer, often resulting in us doing nothing through the wealth of crippling options we are presented with on a daily basis. Fight this paralysis, ditch the distractions of soaps, celebrity magazines, and cups of tea, and view Jon Burgerman’s show when it opens this November at Electrik Sheep.

Jon Burgeman’s work reflects his dry sense of humour creating work so endlessly appealing and fun that it would look as at home on the wall of a slick city pad as it would on that of a sprawling country pile. It has also seen him produce work for the likes of Levis, Kidrobot, Nike, Pepsi and many other of today’s coolest brands looking for a slice of Burgerman fun.

Jon follows on from a roster of successful shows at Reluctant Hero’s gallery, Electrik Sheep including Faile, Eine, Eelus, Prefab, WK Interact, Seb Lester, Pure Evil and many more.

“Paralysis of Choice” opens Friday 27th November at 6 pm with one of Electrik Sheep’s infamous street parties and will fun till the end of December.

For those who can’t make it to the show all work will be available to purchase and view online at

Electrik Sheep presents… Paralysis of Choice.

A solo show of new work from Jon Bugerman.

Electrik Sheep, 22 Pink Lane, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 5DW, UK

Opens 27th November 6pm, till 31st December

For more information contact Laura Dover

+44 (0)191 261 4444

Nathan Ota is a freelance artist who graduated from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California in 1993.  As a child he drew inspiration from cartoons on TV, comic books, photographs and punk-rock flyers before becoming immersed in graffiti culture once he entered high school.  Traditional art never interested him much, and it was only once he had entered college that he realised he wanted to be an illustrator.

His paintings in particular have me enthralled (and more than a little jealous), I love how the graffiti influence comes through in all of his work 🙂

Big Fish

Broken Record

Crash And Burn

Fern Fruits

First Day

Left Out

Lets Be Friends


Night School

Not Alone



Still Looking

Schools Out

Illustration – Jazz

Illustration – Tequila

Illustration – Porfidio

Ralph Goings is a realist painter based in California – he is recognised as one of the original members of the Hyper-Realist or Photo-Realist group of the late 1960’s.  His painstakingly accurate work spans four decades, and one of the things I like most about his paintings is that the subject matter changes little over the decades, showing that some things remain timeless and comfortably familiar.


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