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Beautiful art glass doorknobs by Out Of The Blue Design Studio, made by their team of highly skilled glass artists.  Each piece is handcrafted, so no two will be exactly alike.

via weburbanist

First of all, sincerest apologies to my faithful readers for the lack of posting here lately.  I hope you’ll both forgive me :P.

Between my new job and all the learning of new stuff that it entails, and the absolute nightmare I’ve had trying to get a broadband connection at my new house, it’s been difficult to get online long enough to put a decent post together.  So without further ado, here’s my latest installment of design inspiration…

I’ve decided to go for black walls in my living room, despite my concerned friends and family members’ pleas with me to reconsider (my counter-arguments: a) it will not make the room smaller.  I was no physics whizz at school, but I have yet to come across paint that can physically alter the dimensions of a room.  b) It’s my darn living room :P)

I had one black wall in my last house and I loved it, so I’ve decided to go for full on drama this time.  It’s a small room, and the effect I’m going for is very cosy and den-like – I have so far got cream sofas and a pale grey floor, and will eventually have lots of art on the walls.  I’d love to hear from anyone who has done this in their own home by the way.

Some inspiration….

(These are not all living rooms but humour me, it’s the visual impact I’m after)

The above three images are from Desire To Inspire

via Decorpad

via La Trunk

via Living Etc.

Not interior decor as such – Shawn Barbers‘ ‘Tattooed Portraits’ exhibition had his paintings displayed on black walls, which in my opinion was stunning.  (Image from here)

via Apartment Therapy

via Desire To Inspire

Above three images also via Desire To Inspire

Just a few yummy white flavoured interiors I’m liking currently… I’m at that new house stage where everything is still all clean and white and it’s really making me want to keep it that way 🙂

blanca gomez via design sponge

via Design Sponge

domino via desire to inspire living room

via Desire To Inspire

via an eye for an interior

via An Eye For An I

via desire to inspire3

via Desire To Inspire

via desire to inspire 4

via Desire To Inspire

via desire to inspire5

via Desire To Inspire

via style files

via Style Files

via unplggd

via Apartment Therapy Unplggd

white via 4homes

via 4Homes


Well, I’m all moved and getting settled into my new home.  I gotta say – it rocks 😀  I’ve got some pics, but I couldn’t upload them today as I’m using my Mum’s computer at her house and it doesn’t have my phone software (which is packed away somewhere in one of many boxes).  My interweb connection will take another week or two – hopefully by then I’ll have decided which decorating project I want to tackle first.

I’ve decided to take my time, get a feel for the place and get used to how the light looks in each room on different types of days before I do anything… let the house tell me what it wants me to do kind of thing  :).

I’ll post with pics from my inspiration files when I can post from my own computer again, but here are a few that caught my eye to get started (and a few things on the wishlist for my kitchen!)

apartment therapy

I love this idea for kitchen/dining chairs.  I’ve got six mismatched wooden chairs that I picked up second hand and I think I’m going to do this with them. (Image from Apartment Therapy)


I can’t remember where I found this image – if anyone recognises it, please let me know.  I think the round paving stones look really cool – I’ve got a cute little back garden and this would set it off really nicely.

peggy wong at design sponge

Totally droolworthy – from Design*Sponge’s sneak peek of peggy Wong’s home.  I’ve decided to have my hallway and stairs area all white and I love how this picture wall is done.

interior design degree blog

Black floor & ceiling – love it :D.  I don’t know where but I’d love to have this somewhere in the house – I’m torn between the living room and my bedroom.  I had a black feature wall in the house I’ve just moved out of and I’d really like to bring some black into the new place too. (Image from Interior Design Degree Blog – I can’t find where I’ve saved the link to it though!)

And just a few things I’m coveting for my kitchen – even though I want most of my stuff to be second hand or hand made – there are a  few things I might have to invest in new unless I’m lucky enough to find them on eBay…


Big Flip Clock by Karlsson

ikea tobias chair

Tobias Chair from Ikea


Fly Pendant Lamp by Kartell – I’ve wanted one of these for the longest time.

Inspiration to go stick paper on stuff….

decoupage-table-by-bombusMickey Mouse side table by Bombus (only one of the many amazing decoupaged items available from her Etsy shop)

decoupage-by-boxboy-via-apartment-therapyDemented Decoupage by Boxboyvia Apartment Therapy

decoupage-kitchen-by-jonathon-fong-via-the-wave-magazineDecoupage Kitchen by Jonathan Fong – via The Wave Magazine


Praying Skeleton Plate by PricklyGirl

decoupage-ceiling-via-craftzineMr. Peacock’s decoupaged ceiling (with a how-to) – via Craftzine Blog

decoup-earrings-joanna-jewelleryDecoupage Earrings by Joanna Jewellery

decoupage-side-table-via-apartment-therapyPostage Stamp side table – via Apartment Therapy

decoupage-bookshelp-via-curblyDecoupage Bookshelf via Curbly

decoupage-footed-bowl-by-john-derianFooted Bowl by John Derian

decoupage-by-tia-mariinhaDecoupage Box by Tia Mariinha on Flickr

decoupaged-map-box-by-heather-donohue-craftsMap Tin by Heather Donohue Crafts

decoupage-black-white-via-apartment-therapyMonochrome decoupage by Swampdragon  via Apartment Therapy

A selection of very cool conversation pieces from the world of transportation….

airplane-wing-desk-by-dolph-bode-via-greenupgraderAirplane Desk, made from the wing of a 1944 Douglas DC-3 by Dolph Bode via GreenUpgrader

reclaimed-train-signal-lens-lamp-by-greenlight-concepts-via-roadside-scholarLamp from a reclaimed train signal lens by Greenlight Concepts

traffic-light-lamp-by-greenlight-concepts-via-roadside-scholarReclaimed Traffic Light Lamps by Greenlight Concepts

Both via Roadside Scholar

reclaimed-train-wheel-mirror-by-restoration-hardwareReclaimed Train Wheel Mirror by Restoration Hardware

cadillac-coffee-table-by-the-weld-houseCadillac Coffee Table by Joel Hester at The Weld House (check out their Flickr here)

bordbar-recycled-airplane-trolleys-via-inhabitatBordbar Recycled Airplane Trolleys via Inhabitat

reclaimed-railway-sleeper-chest-from-gilatimurReclaimed Railway Sleeper Chest from Gila Timur UK

seatbelt-pillows-by-ting-at-reform-school-rulesSeatbelt Pillows by Ting at Reform School

deborah-plane-wing-desk-at-reestoreDeborah Plane Wing Desk at Reestore

elsie-car-panel-desk-by-ninestoriesElsie Table by Nine Stories – via Treehugger is a free poster generator that lets you upload an image of your choice and make it as big as you want – from large poster to entire wall size!  Tip: using a higher resolution image will give you a less pixel-y result.


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