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More freebies – this time some lovely patterned wrapping paper from ScrapbooksEtc.  There are several brightly coloured, festive patterns to choose from, and they’re freee!

free downloadable wrapping paper from scrapbooksetc

Make your own quilted coasters from repurposed fabric with this excellent tutorial over at Apartment Therapy.

apartment therapy coaster tutorial

There are lots of free downloadable sewing patterns on Amy Butlers website – the portfolio cases and little cat pillows are particularly cute.  Download the PDFs’ here.

amy butler cat pillow

amy butler portfolios

amy butler card wallet

Wordle:  A free online tool that lets you make your own word clouds.  Be careful though – it’s addictive 🙂

This is what ‘Us & Them’ by Pink Floyd looks like in word cloud formation…

wordle us and them

via Making It Lovely

Arash & Kelly have made the plans for their Illuminati lightshades available to download for free.   Get them here and get D-I-Y-ing!

illuminati poster lights plans

via Grassroots Modern

This is why I heart teh interwebs.  Being  a major LOST fan, this makes me very happy – Dharma initiative food labels.  And they’re free 😀

Download them here, and stick ’em on your groceries!

(I love how it says on the Dharma Initiative Cake Mix label:  “For high-altitude or sub-sea level stations, ingredients and cooking times should be adjusted accordingly.”)

via 2Modern

dharma labels

Here are two fabulous examples of worn out, drab old furniture being brought back to life with a little TLC… (aka from Eeew to Ooooh! :P)

First – Claires’ boring, old fashioned telephone table… she took one of the most un-hip items of furniture imaginable, and made it into a bright modern piece that anyone would be proud to have in their hallway.





Next, Eily found herself in posession of various pieces of furniture when she bought an old cottage, and among them was this pretty scary fireside chair.  Several layers of fabric had to come off, but what an elegant transformation – it’s barely recognisable as the same chair!





Inspiration to go stick paper on stuff….

decoupage-table-by-bombusMickey Mouse side table by Bombus (only one of the many amazing decoupaged items available from her Etsy shop)

decoupage-by-boxboy-via-apartment-therapyDemented Decoupage by Boxboyvia Apartment Therapy

decoupage-kitchen-by-jonathon-fong-via-the-wave-magazineDecoupage Kitchen by Jonathan Fong – via The Wave Magazine


Praying Skeleton Plate by PricklyGirl

decoupage-ceiling-via-craftzineMr. Peacock’s decoupaged ceiling (with a how-to) – via Craftzine Blog

decoup-earrings-joanna-jewelleryDecoupage Earrings by Joanna Jewellery

decoupage-side-table-via-apartment-therapyPostage Stamp side table – via Apartment Therapy

decoupage-bookshelp-via-curblyDecoupage Bookshelf via Curbly

decoupage-footed-bowl-by-john-derianFooted Bowl by John Derian

decoupage-by-tia-mariinhaDecoupage Box by Tia Mariinha on Flickr

decoupaged-map-box-by-heather-donohue-craftsMap Tin by Heather Donohue Crafts

decoupage-black-white-via-apartment-therapyMonochrome decoupage by Swampdragon  via Apartment Therapy

Jinjerup is the cutest website I’ve seen… possibly ever, and there are tons of freebies to download… my favourites are the fold-it-yourself gift box prints 😀


If, like me, you have a weakness for all things pixellated – Mike Edwards’ excellent DIY Art website has a free online tool that you can use to convert your photos into a numbered grid for do it yourself pixel paintings.  You can buy a kit with everything you need to get started, or just download your free grid and  use your own paints.



Via Curbly

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