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This is a sequel to my previous post, Repurposed & Upcycled Homewares On Etsy, which has had lots of positive feedback so without further ado here’s more of the same.  I love putting posts like this together, the only drawback is trying to narrow down my choices from all the creative awesomeness 🙂

Vintage Map Art Print by Little Bluebird Studios

White Gold Paper Bowl by etco

Recycled Sail Pillow Black no.5 by reiter8

Set Of 2 Gypsy Forest Fabric Bins by SewingMomma

3 Dryer Pillow Sheets Sachets by zJayne

Braided Red Heart Rug by Green At Heart

Coastal Seahorse Print With Salvaged Frame by Recycled Relics

Handmade Barnwood Clock by Inspired By Nature

Button Monogrammed Pillow by Letter Perfect Designs

4 Recycled 45’s Coasters – The Beatles by Rock And Roll Coasters

‘It Wasn’t Me’ Recycled Applique Felt Pillow by Alexandra Ferguson

Recycled Reusable Beverage Sleeve by Viola Studios

Plastic bag Holder by Rosey Corner Creations

‘Let’s Make Out’ Recycled Felt Pillow by Alexandra Ferguson

Recycled Magazine Palm Tree Shadow Box by Colorstory Designs

Reclaimed Wood Chopping Board by BP Custom Woodworks

3D Letter S From Repurposed Book by Little White Dog

Vintage Zipper Magnets by Amalia Versaci

Recycled Vinyl LP Valet Tray by Brinda Kay Design

‘In The Pantry’ Set of 16 Magnets by Button Empire

“Is it waste? Art drifting over borders. Waste floating in society” at the GEIC, Tokyo.

eco04From the Tokyo Wonder Site – ‘The mass of marine debris washed ashore on the Japanese Islands is said to be approximately 15 million tons per year. The marine pollution is becoming a serious social problem and has also been recognized as a growing international issue as flotsam crosses borders.
Linked with an open symposium “Creative Dialogue and Commitment to the Environment” at the United Nations University, the exhibition “Is it waste? – Art drifting over borders. Waste floating in society -” aims to share and create awareness regarding environmental issues, marine pollution and mass consumption society, focusing on growing concerns about marine debris and wastes. In addition, the exhibition explores possibilities of new dialogue and proposal for the environment and reconsiders the value and the role of art in society through creative practices by displaying art works with flotsam and waste materials and introducing art projects.’


via Designboom

Earth Safe’s range of eco-friendly art and craft finishes includes acrylic paint, perfect paint, fabric paint, varnishes, textures, sealers and stains.  Find out more on their website.


via Crafting A Green World

George Pakenham, a 59 year old Wall Street mortgage broker is on a mission in New York, to stop idling vehicles from polluting the air, causing health issues, and wasting money and precious resources.

Read about his campaign over at Inhabitat.

george pakenham verdant vigilante

New Leaf Paper have produced a range of paper goods called the Farm Fibre Collection, made from chlorine free, 100% recycled fibre of banana or palm tree harvest byproduct.

See Piper Kujac’s post about New Leaf at Inhabitat

Information about the recycling process & terminology explained

new leaf recycled paper

new leaf paper goods

new leaf recycled

via Inhabitat

Margaret Teich over at The Lazy Environmentalist has put together a round up of uber-cool accessories made from recycled inner tubes – check it out.

inner tube bad via lazyenvoronmentalist

inner tube flipflops via lazyenvironmentalist

The Deptford Project Café on Deptford High Street in London, is a 35 tonne 1960’s South East Trains carriage which has been converted into a café/bistro, designed by Studio Myerscough, as the first part of the plans to completely regenerate the area around Deptford Train Station and the old victorian carriage ramp.  It will be the heart of a new public space with a weekend creative industries market, shops and galleries.

Via Cool Hunting




How much visualising would I have to do to manifest one of these babies in the driveway of my (future) eco-house…?  Sleek, sexy, silent, carbon fibre body, all electric so no emissions… one day, it will be mine. Oh yes.

Well, a girl can dream… 🙂

Tesla Motors website

Check out Sam Leppanen’s piece on the Tesla Roadster over at Green By Design


Whirlpool and Elmar have unveiled the Green Living Kitchen at the Milan Furniture Fair.   The concept was designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba who describe it as “a new kitchen dimension in which technology and ecology meet and blend in a convivial and wellness oriented setting”.

Using Whirlpool Sixth Sense technology and Elmars’ natural high temperature treated wood, it incorporates a living plant and herb wall, and centres around a large wooden table which becomes the heart of the kitchen.  The appliances re-use water and heat, significantly reducing energy consumption and cost.



Adam Kalkin makes prefab houses from shipping containers – his 12 container house is by far the most impressive.  Although Adams’ ones don’t come cheap, container houses are catching on worldwide as a green, affordable alternative to conventional buildings.  Watch this space….


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