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Nigel Cox is an Irish born, London based artist whose oil on canvas paintings, in his own words – ‘Focus on the individual, removing them from usually crowded urban scenes and placing them in centre stage.  Surprising how much confidence they have when removed from the crowd.’  I think I understand exactly what he means – the figures in each painting seem to come to life and shine more brightly with the absence of a backdrop, almost as if they were performing…

He describes his work, which he refers to as photorealistic minimalism, and his background (including his travels around the world with the Transglobe Expedition) in more detail here, and his blog is here.

An Urban Solitude

The Kuni Inversion


Autumn Morning

The Black Basque

The Calling

At The Sea Of Cortez

I think everybody has one genre of art that calls to them more than others, and for me it’s photorealism because it makes me nostalgic in a way that actual photographs can’t.  These paintings by Gregory Thielker transported me straight away back to Sunday family drives in the country and Christmas shopping trips into town as a  small child, and in more recent years, comfortable silences on the long drives toward and away from lost weekends.

Low Road

Cash Only

Above And Below

Coming To A Complete Stop






Under The Unminding Sky

Mass Pike Toll

via Alice @ My Modern Met

Ralph Goings is a realist painter based in California – he is recognised as one of the original members of the Hyper-Realist or Photo-Realist group of the late 1960’s.  His painstakingly accurate work spans four decades, and one of the things I like most about his paintings is that the subject matter changes little over the decades, showing that some things remain timeless and comfortably familiar.


Check out the magical photorealistic art of Missouri born artist Glennray Tutor.  His nostalgic paintings are filled with marbles, fireworks, comic books and toys from the mid 20th century, and seem to glow with colour and light.

Dream Of Love

Dream Of Love



Point of no return

Point of no return

Beautiful landscapes by Helmut Ditsch…  These are painted by hand!

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