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Happy, Happy, Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you all had lots of fun ringing in the new year… I couldn’t have had a nicer one – good music, good company, it snowed, and I even got a kiss at midnight 😉

It’s been a hell of a decade hasn’t it?  I hope it’s been mostly good for you, and I hope you’re all as excited to be heading into a new one as I am.  A big thank you to you all for reading my blog, and for your feedback and comments 🙂

So, to start Twenty Ten on a positive note, here’s a little help with your New Years’ resolutions in the form of the 2010 resolution generator over at Monina Velarde’s site ….

Here’s what it told me… ahem 😛

And to get you in the mood, here’s a little tune for the New Year – enjoy 🙂

I think everybody has one genre of art that calls to them more than others, and for me it’s photorealism because it makes me nostalgic in a way that actual photographs can’t.  These paintings by Gregory Thielker transported me straight away back to Sunday family drives in the country and Christmas shopping trips into town as a  small child, and in more recent years, comfortable silences on the long drives toward and away from lost weekends.

Low Road

Cash Only

Above And Below

Coming To A Complete Stop






Under The Unminding Sky

Mass Pike Toll

via Alice @ My Modern Met

I never knew I needed one of these little gizmo’s until I discovered it…. the potential uses for this are endless.  For instance – just in case you feel you haven’t nagged your children quite enough about doing their homework or cleaning their room, you can now drive the message home via the medium of toast.  If your house is being bugged (for reasons which are your own business), sensitive information can still be exchanged silently over breakfast, and the evidence eaten.  Have the last word in an argument… I could go on.

Designed by Sasha Tseng.  See more on her website and Coroflot profile.

via DesignPorn

This award winning traffic direction design for the Eureka Tower Carpark in Melbourne is by graphic designer Axel Peemoeller.  Simple and brilliant…. I’d love to try something like this in my house :P.  Check out more of Axel’s intriguing projects here – even his website is lots of fun to navigate!

I’ve been seeing a lot of really cool photosculpture which seems to have surfaced all at once recently, and it always puts me in mind of the amazing art of David Meanix on my favourite show in the world, HBO’s Six Feet Under (which sadly ended in 2005).  Davids’ photosculpture, which he has been developing since the early 90’s, was featured in season four of the show (2004), as the work of the character Claire Fisher.  I remember being blown away when I saw that particular episode and wishing I could come up with something so inspired and original :).

David shares his thoughts about the process of working on his pieces with the individual actors from the show here (scroll down), as well as lots of insights about his work and life in general.

‘David’  – Six feet Under

‘Nate’ – Six Feet Under

‘Ruth’ – Six Feet Under

‘Anita’ – Six Feet Under

The process….

Some of Davids’ other photosculpture work…

Breeding Ground NPR Calendar 2007


Return Of The Goddess


Changing Skins


In The Spotlight

New Camera

Beck(y) Sk8bags are from their range of accessories handmade from recycled skateboards.  Each is one of a kind, carrying the original scuffs, scratches and stickers of the boards’ original owner.

via The Alternative Consumer

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